Optactic is released on iOS

I’m excited to announce that Optactic and Optactic Lite are released on Apple app store. Optactic Lite is a smaller trial version with 7 common strategies. The full version contains more than 35 strategies. You can find both at the following links



Optactic is a simple but very powerful tool to build and test any option strategies. You can interact with the strategy profit graph and see how the profit evolve through time, volatility and more. All this happen before you place a single trade. I think it helps me and can help other be more confident about executing option strategies, especially when one can see all the breakeven prices and profitable price ranges.

This idea was originally a python tool to help me trade options. But I found jupyter notebook lacks interactivity. I’ve been searching for a cross platform framework to build a interactive version, and eventually stumble onto Flutter. Flutter is fantastic. I can build desktop (web) and mobile versions all at once using a fast-prototyping widget design. The app is built in record time. Ironically the only thing slows me down is designing icons and gathering screenshots for deployment.

Android versions are coming soon. If you trade options, please give the app a try. Feeback are welcomed.

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