Optactic is Completely Free

I have converted the Option strategy app ‘Optactic’ to a freemium model. User will have access to all the strategies and can create up to 3 strategies. It also contains an exciting new feature called Strategy Ranking. User can rank all the strategies by risk (greeks), or by profits based on stock price movement. TheContinue reading “Optactic is Completely Free”

Optactic is released on iOS

I’m excited to announce that Optactic and Optactic Lite are released on Apple app store. Optactic Lite is a smaller trial version with 7 common strategies. The full version contains more than 35 strategies. You can find both at the following links Optactic is a simple but very powerful tool to build andContinue reading “Optactic is released on iOS”

How I Trade the Earning Releases

All publicly traded companies have to report their earnings each quarter. With their earning reports, come earning surprises sometimes, and the stock price can jump violently after the earning report is released, either up or down with no guarantee. The uncertainties surrounding these reports provides a perfect environment for plenty speculative plays. The beginner mightContinue reading “How I Trade the Earning Releases”

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