Algorithmic Trading in a Nutshell

In the simplest terms, algorithmic trading is using computer to make trading decisions in fully or semi automatic ways. There are several parts. Data Collection: collecting historical stock price, fundamental data, and any data that’s useful for prediction. Put these data in a database for backtesting, or feed straight into the prediction algorithm for realContinue reading “Algorithmic Trading in a Nutshell”

Best Investment Books I Ever Read

I read hundreds of investment / trading books in my 20 years of trading history. Some are very useful, most of them are useless. Here are the useful ones I highly recommend. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham I’m guilty of putting this book down after reading the first chapter 5 years ago. Man, howContinue reading “Best Investment Books I Ever Read”

A Long and Frustrating Journey

I was introduced to stocks when I was studying for my Computer Science degrees almost 20 years ago. I also had my first terrible loss in stock market in that year. As an engineer, I was trained that no problem is unsolvable, and with enough time and dedication, they can be solved. Hence, I haveContinue reading “A Long and Frustrating Journey”